Parts Sales  

We have a range of parts for sale.  Please contact us at 770 227-8282 for further information.

Below are just a few:

Cessna 195 parts

Rt and Lt NOS ailerons (nice)
Flaps (NOS)
Miscellaneous Parts 

Stearman :

wing hardware, flying and landing wires, tail wires, right ailerons, stabilizers, elevators, fuselage, landing gear, seats (metal and wood), control tubes, engine mount, cowling pieces, wheels, tires, miscellaneous pieces. 

North American T6:

Left and right ailerons, elevators, swivel rear seats, brake control units, wheels, miscellaneous pieces.

Cessna 120/140/150 Parts:

New lower cowl mid sixties (NOS) for C150, left lower cowling skin for C150 (new), C120/140 wing tip assemblies (used good shape),C120/140 left and right ailerons, C120/140 elevators,

Dehavilland Tiger Moth Parts:

Left lower wing and aileron, aft fuselage section with tail feathers and strakes, landing gear, wheels, tires, oil tank, miscellaneous parts.